Optimum security, both physical and electronic, is at the forefront of what we designed and how we operate. Not just this, but also our policies and compliance to International Best Practice is something we will always deliver, and continually strive to improve upon.

Security need not be at a premium either, the full security and assurances that we give are standard across all aspects and elements of the service. We recognise that anything from Intellectual Property Rights to Personal sensitive data will be routinely a part of your business, and so it must also be a stock part of ours.


All service-user access is controlled and secured using unique login details which use the email address of the individual. This means that their access is person-verified, and security is assured to the extent of their use of email. User passwords are self-service by default, and therefore no other parties would have access to passwords.


All interpreters are subject to the above digital verification. They are also vetted by us on many other professional fronts, and their identity is disclosed to the service-user when a call is placed. This ensures that the person that provides service is an interpreter that we manage and monitor.


The service runs from HTTPS domains ensuring; verified digital ownership of the service-providing organisation, log-in data is transmitted in encrypted format (to the same standard as a banking log-in), the highest level of non-VPN security over public and wireless networks, that all data (typed words, audible voice and visual video) is encrypted from end-to-end.


The video calls themselves use software which adds additional end-to-end encryption, making it impossible for a "hacker" to snoop or eavesdrop on a call.


All of our systems are hosted on a vast array of servers, to provide robustness and back-up capability. Each site comprises a physically secure and restricted access data centre, and network architecture which satisfies the requirements of the most security-sensitive organisations world-wide. Additionally, our server management includes hundreds of tools and features to help us meet stringent security objectives around visibility, auditability, controllability and agility.


No laws or legislation exist anywhere in the world regarding delivering professional services over video as yet, except for the USA who operate the "Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act" that specifically covers the provision of professional advocacy using interpreters online. Our service is built and operates in full compliance with this legislation, which legally protects the confidentiality and security of information.