The Interpreting and Translation market has grown phenomenally over recent years, yet still retains many characteristics of a boutique industry. There are a tiny number of resource-rich organisations, but also a recent trend in bidding for contracts has seen prices plummet and quality with it.

Yet this does not have to be the way. Geography is the single biggest influencer in delivering on-site services: travel distance, travel cost, travel delays, travel cancellation all result in charges relating to lateness, over-running, failure to attend, and cancellation or supplemental fees.

As many industries had shown, addressing the geographic limitations and issues means cutting costs of service delivery whilst actually improving on the quality or service, and reversing fragmentation and dissipation of an underpaid the supply-chain.

So What Did We Do?

We did just that. Focussing on the provision of interpreters to hospital appointments, we:

  • 1.
    Thoroughly examined the good and the bad in how interpreting support is currently provided from various vendors.
  • 2.
    Carefully studied requirements of clinical staff, with whom time is precious and priorities are complex and numerous.
  • 3.
    Meticulously assessed the technology options, against the backdrop of public sector computing and data limitations.
  • 4.
    Perfected a clear, concise and brilliant design for accessing interpreters online, instantly or by advanced booking.

Our design is the most innovative in the market, solving a problem like nobody has done before, and making this kind of service a reality for even the most cash-poor of companies. At the same time it is hailed as truly a revolution for all of the issues it addresses, and very much a surprise to all who encounter it.

It is successfully designed to be incredibly intuitive, and simple to implement and operate. And we have had more implementation success in a shorter time-span than any other low-value computer-led initiative that we are aware of within the public sector.

And The Result...

Here it is, tried and trusted, and a turning point for service users and service providers alike:

  • No servers or specific hardware or software necessary
  • No software installation necessary
  • No firewall configuration headaches
  • No capital investment necessary
  • No fixed term contract necessary
  • No financial risks
  • No easier way to deliver interpreting to your clients