Video-communication, without the fuss

No software download, no firewall configuring, no hassle

In today's fast paced world time is money, and instant communication means business. However we choose to communicate, we just need thing to work; quickly, reliably and cost effectively. Remote Interpreting brings you just that: A means of offering your professionals by video, in an easy, secure, measurable, and pay-per-minute way.

In simple terms, our platform becomes the method of your business: it sits as a portal alongside your normal online presence, where your clients can log-in and engage in secure video-sessions with the people you employ to provide your services. All you need to do is sit back and watch the calls happen...


Provide Business Support Services using all of your professional advocates, whether working from the office or from home. Enable them to securely log-in to your schedule, take calls from clients who need their help, and then be able to manage, monitor and bill for all of that access - both from clients and providers. Your clients, your advocates, your service.


Make your consultants accessible to your clients, no matter what premises or country they work in, and through a method where access is totally controlled and managed. You stay in control of the relationship, allowing clients to call on-demand or for pre-scheduled sessions, then have powerful usage data with which to charge and pay accordingly.


Our experience spans nearly ten years of developing the best possible technological and operational ways of delivering professional services on-demand. This experience transcends end clients, service providers, and specialist consultants and subcontractors.

In 2013 we decided that our approach was so good it should become a service in itself, delivering the tools to support the world's remote-working specialists, for the benefit of those organisations that harness and manage that resource.

Our "Platform As A Service" (PaaS) was launched in 2015, offering Translation and Interpreting companies the ability to offer their own interpreters to their own clients. We had carefully defined the best ways that clients could have managed access to the specialist resources of a specialist intermediary company, and we deliver this as an infrastructure that looks entirely proprietary to the organisations that it supports.

It quickly became apparent that this platform can support any similar specialist session or consultancy approach, especially where the advocates are remote-workers, and who's personal details must remain anonymised:

  • Legal Advice
  • Accounting and Financial Support
  • Underwriting and Insurance Brokerage
  • Housing and Welfare Support
  • Clinical and Medical Specialist Advice

And the service is fully supported, we provide the very best in consultancy concerning, not least: resource management, supply and demand calculation, service delivery trends and analytics, customer habit analyses, customer risk analysis, onward pricing and commercial support, user support and training, "top-tips" and troubleshooting, effective customer demonstrations, implementations, service promotion, driving utilisation, and much more.