The diversity of what we do comes from our vast experience and our intense creative direction. Our history is of designing and delivering solutions that have led the UK market, and we bridge the gaps between operational needs and technological or process potential. Our focus on rationalisation and standardisation is fierce, and we employ the best project methodologies and control practices.


Telephone interpreting platforms or component systems. To build, buy or partner; hosted, hotelled, or on-site.

VRI or VRS, online video interpreting platforms, to a wide range of specifications, and compliant to standards that have not yet been adopted.

Translation workflow software, incorporating innovations like language auto-detect.

Communication within your multi-site organisation, and collaboration with external partners, via telephony and IP.

System Integration, establishing the best way to make your CRM, LMS, Intranet, billing and communication components work together.


Specialist high-end interpreters; for court representation, arbitration hearings, patent disputes.

Interpreter assessment and benchmarking programmes.

Equipment for client sites or events, such as wireless tour guide systems, interpreting booths, infra-red systems for conferences, PA and audio-visual packages... anywhere in the world within hours.

Comprehensive Contact Centre services, tailored to the needs of your organisation and its clients. We can manage your daytime overflow and out of hours calls and messages, to ensure that you have a seamless link between your clients and the services that they need.

Tender, RFP and Proposal management, from analysis to authoring, review and delivery, incorporating advice on strategic partners, post-award profit modelling, and planning based on potential outcomes.

Supply chain improvement, from rationalisation of existing resources to finding better BPO partners.


ISO 9001 Operating Procedures and Quality Manuals. Authoring and review, streamlining and audit guidance

Data mining and trend analysis tools, to understand historic, current and future task-orders so as to have a greater visibility and understanding of your business.

Client analyses comprising risk, retention and profitability, in order that you can create and prioritise account management tactics.

Operational alignment: helping you analyse your existing resources, and define and execute the restructuring of tasks, roles and responsibilities throughout your organisation.